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Electrical Controls

Control wiring and automation can really be costly is your system is down too long. That is why you should call DBE Electrical Services. We have work on equipment for Wholesale Glass, Capital Glass, Grabnice Cabinets and more. Our guys are trained to troubleshoot effectively to get you back up and running. We have experience in PLC Programming and automation, this allows us to assist you with any equipment upgrades for your facility. If you need a free estimate give us a call.

Our service rates are competitive and we are available for emergency call outs.

No job too small for us.

Electrical Service Work

We have a wide range of customers who call on us to fix their problems. Our customers range from Popeye’s Restaurant, Burger King, Wyndham Hotels and more.

Our rates are highly competitive! And most importantly our technicians our highly skilled. So, whenever you have an electrical problem, give us a call, and leave the worrying to us.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is simply the way to go! LED lighting is becoming more affordable every day. And we try to find you the best fixture for your project at the best price.

LED lighting is one way to cut your lighting cost exponentially. Together, with lighting controls your savings are increased and your return on investment is much faster.

With the price of gas fluctuating as well as energy cost it is very important to get a grip on your kilowatt usage and utility costs. Let us give you a free estimate to see how we can help you save money by switching your current lighting to LED lighting.

BUT THERE’S MORE! ​Why not use your existing light fixture? You’ve already paid for it! Imagine getting the same savings benefits, the same lighting technology, but for a fraction of the price of a new LED fixture….You Can, Guaranteed!

There is no need to throw away all the time and effort you have put into your current lighting. You just need to give it a technological face lift. Think of it. Your upgraded fixture will come with a 5-10 year warranty, it will still have a high lumen output, but you spend less, much less!

Electrical Services

Commercial & Residential Electrical Service

Lexington, KY Electrician

At DBE we have many years of electrical experience that allows us to serve our customer promptly and professionally. We have worked with large General Contractors as an Electrical Contractor, and we have worked directly with owners of homes and business to finish their electrical projects. We do business with Popeyes restaurants, Burger King, Raising Cane’s and others, servicing there electrical equipment, etc. We come to your home and service all of your electrical problems, whether it be, panel upgrades, lighting upgrades, switches, receptacles and so on. We have a 5-star rating in Lexington because our primary focus is you. If we say we can do it, we do it. You are only as good as you word, and that’s how we do business. We have Electricians in Lexington, KY ready to serve you 24/7. Our rates are highly competitive and always upfront. When you have an electrical problem that needs to be fixed there is no better company to call. Our expert electricians have years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial electrical work.

Our company was started by Detric Benton. He started the company with the focus on training electrical technicians to be the best in their craft. Our technicians are trained in electrical theory, NEC code, electrical troubleshooting, and more. Our technicians will inform you when they are on the way and keep you up to date with any changes. If you are looking for an electrician that will tell you exactly what you need without giving you the run-around, then you should call us. Good service is our top priority!

If you have a small electrical project give us a call for a free estimate!